1) What is addmedude
AddMeDude is an exchange system That allows you to pick and choose who you want to follow, like, view. The exchange system is very simple. Every time you like, follow, or view another members social media pages you will receive coins which then you can use to get more followers, likes, views or visitors to your website or social media pages.
2) What is Coins ?
Coins are used to grow your social network. They work as a reward which you offer to others to check out your Page/Website.
3) How can I earn coins ?
You will earn coins visiting our site daily, referring other members and for every exchange you do. Every time you visit, follow, like, view, refer, etc. you earn coins.
4) Can I buy coins ?
Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" , for pricing. Coins are added automatically after payment.
5) How do I use my coins ?
Your coins are automatically deducted from your account every time a member likes your page, watches your video, surfs your site, follows you... As long as you have a url set to active. if you set your url to disabled it will not use your coins.
6) How many accounts can I make ?
You are allowed to use just one account. If you create more than 1 account, we will ban all your accounts!
7) Can I Exchange my Coins for Cash ?
yes you can, Our actual rate is 1$ for 5000 Coins
8) How and When Can I get my Payments ?
You can request a payment when you have a minimum 1$ in your account balance, We process Payment to paypal and payza Usually within 24-48 Hours
9) When a referral become active
Referral become active when he done a 100 exchange